EVO mobile health platform that makes our range of rapid diagnostic SMART test kits and connected.    

Using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. 


From initial testing, detection, diagnosis, to treatment, we are putting the nurse, the lab, and the doctor into a single mobile app for universal healthcare.

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AngelWorld Biotech Manufacturing FZ LLC is a manufacturer of SMART In Vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDDs). All of our Smart Rapid Test Kits come with a web based A.I. Health App called EVO.  that will register the test kit and assist the patient to carry out the test and diagnose the results. 


Our bespoke engineered EVO Health App makes our range of rapid diagnostic test kits into a SMART kit using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. that can help the patient or Healthcare Professional to understand and diagnose each phase of the infection quickly for both Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Patients. Providing much-needed Bio-Data and Bio Intelligence for effective Test, Trace, and Isolate.


Our facility in Dubai Science Park in the United Arab Emirates produces and distributes globally  range of Smart Rapid Tests Kits to identify Infectious Diseases, screening products for HIV, HCV, HBsAg, Syphilis , Hepatitis Range, STDs, Fertility Tests, Tumour & Cardiac markers, Fever rapids: Dengue, Leptospira, Filariasis, Chickungunya,TB, Strep A and Influenza. Parasitic diseases: Malaria & Leishmania  and G.I. infection tests for Typhoid, Cholera, Roto Virus and many more. 

From initial testing, detection, diagnosis, to treatment, we are putting the nurse, the lab, and the doctor into a single mobile app.... 

EVO Your Doctor in Your Pocket.... 

 Pandemic   Solution Power of 3 

Order Now Dispatched within 24hrs 

News & Product Release Updates

News Updates

Date: 15th Nov 2020

AWBM Launches A.I. EVO Healthcare App.

The EVO Health App gives the patient an enhanced testing experience where they are fulling involved with the test procedure and given a Digital Health Pass as an outcome.

Your own Doctor in your pocket...  EVO Healthcare Solution at its best...... 

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EVO Smart IVD Products are for Healthcare Professional Use Only 

It is recommended that EVOs Rapid Diagnostic test kits be conducted and administered by a healthcare professional (HCP) such as a nurse, doctor, or any basically trained healthcare worker. 

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