About Us

Our Vision & Mission 

Our Solution

To design and develop a new superior SMART product, from the ground up with the following the 3 key protocols.


Transparent Supply Chain

Fully Transparent Supply chain using blockchain technology to combat anti counterfeit and product quality


Health Security

Assembly manufacturing in countries to secure their supply for critical tests such as i.e. COVID 19, Malaria, Cancer, Dengue, Diabetes etc. and avoid over reliance of other countries


Product Quality

Controlling the entire supply chain from raw materials to manufacturing and assembly.

Our Vision 

To EVOlve Healthcare by putting the Doctor’s Clinic In Your Phone and In Your Pocket.

Our Mission 

To solve the most critical of human needs - access to basic healthcare. By creating a new delivery model for basic healthcare services in a single mobile web app called EVO powered by an AI Digital Health Advisor called EVE.

The Alexa of Healthcare...

To Provide an on-demand, instant customer experience, which delivers health and wellbeing solutions for everyone, anywhere