COVID-19 Smart Rapid Tests

During each phase we have developed a Smart Test, that can help Healthcare Professionals, understand each phase of the infection quickly for both Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Patients. Providing much-needed Bio-Data and Bio Intelligence for effective Test, Trace, and Isolate.    

So that any rapid test can be used by Self or by a basically trained Healthcare Professional, without the need to physically go to a clinic. 

From initial testing, detection, diagnosis, to treatment, we are putting the nurse, the lab, and the doctor into a single mobile app for universal healthcare.

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How EVO is Helping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Private and public sector organizations that need an effective and efficient solution to run a COVID-19 testing program, conducted at the point of care by basically trained healthcare professionals.

Faster Onboarding and Testing

Using the EVO COVID 19 Smart Rapid tests for preliminary screening on-site, saving time and money, and ensuring that employees are operating in a safe environment.

Real-Time Data and Analytics 

Replace the Excel Sheet with a biodata and bio intelligence platform which provides a data and analytics dashboard and workflow to set up an effective COVID 19 testing program.

Rapid Response 

Track and trace to ensure if any potential outbreaks occur areas and personal can effectively be isolated, through scanning the EVO Health Pass.

Track False Negatives - 

Proactivity capture regular every day for 7 days after the test is conducted, using EVE the digital health advisor to understand how employees are feeling and if their displaying any signs of infection due to a false reading.

The EVO COVID-19, 10 Minute Smart Antigen Test, has been developed to detect early-stage COVID-19 infection in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients and can detect infection within the first two weeks. The test combines a next-generation IVD rapid diagnostic medical device and a mobile app. Powered by A.I the mobile app acts as the nurse, the lab, and the Doctor. 

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COVID 19 10 Minute  Antigen Rapid Test

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