CEA  Smart Rapid Test Kit

The AWBM cancer CEA Smart Rapid Test Kits, are referred to as one step CEA tests, are a rapid direct binding immunoassay medical testing kits for the qualitative detection of tumor marker Carcinoma Embryonic Antigen (CEA) in human serum specimens, Cancer CEA tests are used as an aid in the medical diagnosis of cancers such as colorectal cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and pancreas cancer. With AWBM CEA IVD Rapid Test Kit, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are employed to identify carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) specifically. 


Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) is normally produced during the development of a fetus. The production of CEA will stop before deliver of the baby, and usually it cannot be found in the blood or an adult without cancers. When a cancer develops in one’s body, CEA protein will emerge again in his blood. Because of the correlation between cancers and the CEA level, CEA protein is regarded as one of the tumor marker substances, and are used as the subject of cancer screening test. CEA tumor marker rapid test kits measure the concentration of the CEA protein in human serum and plasma specimens, so they are used as CEA medical diagnostic devices in the diagnosis of certain kinds of cancers, especially large colon cancer and rectal cancer. 

CEA Smart Rapid Test Kit

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