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The Dr's Clinic in your Pocket

What is it?

A mobile health platform that makes any disposable rapid diagnostic test smart and connected. Using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. 

So that any rapid test can be used by Self or by a basically trained Healthcare Professional, without the need to physically go to a clinic. 

From initial testing, detection, diagnosis, to treatment, we are putting the nurse, the lab, and the doctor into a single mobile app for universal healthcare.


Our bespoke EVO mobile health App makes our range of rapid diagnostic test kits into a SMART kit using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. 

Smart Test, that can help Healthcare Professionals, understand each phase of the infection quickly for both Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Patients. Providing much-needed Bio-Data and Bio Intelligence for effective Test, Trace, and Isolate. Any EVO SMART rapid test can be used by yourself or by a basic trained Healthcare Professional, without the need to physically go to a clinic.

The EVO Health App gives the patient an enhanced testing experience where they are fulling involved with the test procedure and given a Digital Health Pass as an outcome.

The Doctor in your Pocket.....

What are the Benefits?

Digital Onboarding  

Faster and Paperless Onboarding of Patients 


Smarter Tests 

Making any Rapid Test Kit Smart through connecting the test kit and the EVO Health App through a unique QR code  on the blockchain for transparent supply chain efficiency including anti-counterfeit and anti tamperproof of the test kit and  test result 

Easy to Use

Providing an interactive guide on how to conduct a rapid test, so it can be done by self or a basically trained HCP

Reduce Human Error

Using Artificial Intelligence Technology to read the result of the test and capturing Bio-Data and Bio Intelligence.

 Digital Test Report 

EVO Health Pass, a digital test report which cannot be tampered with, and can be easily stored and shared 

E2E Testing System

Test management admin platform for organizations to effectively manage an employee testing program

Integrated Patient Journey 

Digital Health Advisor called EVE, which curates a patient journey based on the test result, aggregating 3rd party services, such as trustworthy medical websites, telehealth providers, and online pharmacies

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